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BACK-ON To Release a Single for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 (with you feat.Me)
@Flick: Mostly pop/group/hip-hop kinds. I currently follow the CEO of Avex on Twitter. He cool. Big Grin

I guess she is. I know she's also a fan of Koda too. But she's loves almost all the artists in Japan and Korea. Ahaha. BACK-ON fan too. She runs a site where she updates about Asian music releases. In case you two would like Affilate, I can tell her. Big Grin
Wow! I didn't even know the CEO of Avex was on Twitter - that is cool! Big Grin Does he talk about interesting things?

Your friend sounds awesome already ~~ especially as she is a BACK-ON fan (tick tick) - hope she is is keen on being affiliates as I would be very happy to link-the-link ^^
He mostly talks about fishing. Gahaha. He sometimes shows Japan's seas. So pretty. He also often talks with Ayumi Hamasaki on Twitter too. (In case you didn't know, she's on there too. She's speaks English too.) I wonder if BACK-ON are close with the CEO too... I would see him with the AVEX artists at times.

I'll tell her. ^^ Hopefully she will be happy too!
Would be interesting to see some of his sea photos!

I'll have to try and follow Ayumi Hamasaki hehe - she's such a legend Smile

Is your friend's site LoveAsiaMusic btw?

On a separate note, Amazon added a new photo for with you feat.Me:
[Image: i.php?a=Discography&i=disc_withyoufeatme...=&ch=&q=85]
I saw a big flower at the entrance at BACK-ON's live sent from Max matsuura (His name was on the flower).
Somebody was writing to Max matsuura on twitter that BACK-ON and DUFF are wonderful bands and more lives should be held and he responded that he agreed with that.

@nyanko: It's really cool that he sent flowers for BACK-ON's live! Smile Hopefully the Twitter feedback was one of the main reasons why BACK-ON are doing so many live shows this year?

What kind of flowers do people usually send?
@flick: I hope so too.

Flowers are usually big.
you can see the actual flower from Mr. matsuura in this blog.
(first photo on the left. although this seems to be alan's concert)
I'm sorry to put the address of other people's blog.

The flower I saw was a little bit smaller.
@Flick: Yeah, LoveAsiaMusic. XD Have you contacted them already?

Photos by photo, you can tell BACK-ON is maturing a lot.

@Nyanko & Flick: I love how Max is close with his artists. I would see him a lot during live tours (artists who are under AVEX). Some flowers are HUGE.
I'm a fan of alan. That's a lot of flowers and it's nice to see TV shows, other artists and Max supporting her.

Edit: I saw the PV. It's on AVEX's Youtube channel (Thanks Flicks for posting it on Twitter). I think it's gonna take me some time to get use to Misono's voice... but overall it sounds pretty good. I'm hoping to see a full version out soon. I can't checked the air date yet.

Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjqHyYy-rZA

The song is shaping up to be awesome. Yaay

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