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BACK-ON To Release a Single for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 (with you feat.Me)
That would be more than awesome if you did, Sesshy! Smile

We were just saying BACK-ON's silhouettes would have been the icing on the cake (or at least that's what I was saying...)

On a completely separate note: I think Sok mentioned that 'Me' might well be misono - and the more I look at her photos (albeit not side profile) and compare it to the CD jacket:
[Image: disc_withyoufeatme.jpg]

the more I think it is her!

It turns out she's Koda Kumi's younger sister and fronted the band Day After Tomorrow before it disbanded: Wiki said.
I'm not a fan either her or her sister. :/ I don't like their singing. Lol. However I don't know... doesn't look like her to me. *looks at pictures* I wish she had a more unique name. Hard to find info about her. I mean... why would she change her name to 'Me'?

Confused. XD

Edit: Okay... I'm sort of seeing it.
^ I don't like her singing style either. :\
But It DOES sound like her, from what I've heard from the previews so far..
[Image: ehlx6p.png]
The latest release from her discography seems to have some songs with "Me ver." so that might be a hint - that said, the more one looks, the more it seems like her Umm

Just to add that I believe she is also under the Avex label too.
I think the song title is amazing with her having 'Me' as her name.

It's like...With you, featuring Me. o_o
I'm with you.
Yeah. XD
Probably the best song title I've ever seen.
Abarai makes sense. LOL. If so, I agree with that. I forgot where I saw it (I think it was on HMV.jp) It said mysterious singer... so yeah, it makes sense on the feature.

Yes Flick, she's under AVEX Label. I love AVEX. <3 I pretty like a lot of their artists. They don't have many rock bands under their label, do they? Sony mostly has them. (UVERworld, SID, ABS...)

I haven't heard the previews carefully, I wanna wait for the PV!

Edit: My friend said it's definitely her. XDD
The previews sound great -- looks like yet another promising release right before their new album hits.

I'm really anticipating that song I heard them recording on 'bakutube'. TEEDA and KENJI both sound really fresh; like their old style. The riff sounds amazing. It sounds like another EYES. Can't wait.
@Sesshy: Gomen, I didn't know UVERworld were under Sony (just assumed they were Avex!) Heh ->ish embarrassed ... as I know there are many artists under the Avex label.

p/s: Am guessing your friend is a big fan of misono? Smile

@Abarai: Bakutube?? I really like the bit that sounds like CRAZY TOWN myself Smile
@Flick; Super excited. XD Sounds so good. Next month just needs to hurry the hell up now.
@Abarai: I know! I have an exam just the week before (i.e. next week) so am not looking forward to that, but still want February to come sooner!


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